Even the regular gym-goer can find the gym a daunting place. From awkward interactions with others, to self confidence issues, the gym can be a stressful environment. Luckily the team here at Isle Health have compiled five methods you can use to lift yourself through the anxiety of the gym. 

Tip 1: Take a look around a gym before making your decision 

If you are looking to join a gym for the first time, or looking for a new gym, this point is for you. Signing up to a gym without seeing it beforehand is the single biggest mistake you can make. The majority of gyms will allow you to look around the gym to decide if it is for you. 
When you take a look around the gym make a mental note to yourself. Do you want friendly welcoming staff? If so, make an effort to notice if the staff are interacting with you when walking round. Are they helping members of the gym? 
If you are looking for something a bit less sociable and quieter, make a note of the entry process to get into the gym. Is there a 24-hour front desk or can you enter via a pin code? 
Understanding a potential gym environment allows you to feel at ease when you then make the decision to join the gym. Tailor your gym experience to you and find yourself maximising your use of the gym. 

Tip 2: Liaise with your friends 

If you have friends that are looking to start the gym at the same time, why not go and view a gym together. Additionally, if you have friends that are already signed up to a gym are you in a position to ask them about it. Some high-end gyms may offer ‘friend passes’. Your friend may offer joining them for a session, so you should use this to decide if that gym is for you. 
Going to a gym with a friend has hundreds of benefits for you and your friend. Not only does it have social benefits but it will also relieve some of the anxiety that comes with going to the gym alone. 

Tip 3: Have a pre-planned workout 

This is our staff’s number 1 tip! It is so crucial to plan your workout in advance. The benefit of being able to walk into a gym and completely understand from the start what you are working on is limitless. At Isle Health, we offer numerous programmes that are completely individualised for you and plan can be initiated following an introductory session. Following an agreed programme will ease any nerves that may come from not understanding certain movements or machines. Also, being able to tick off your progress will make you feel refreshed and accomplished upon the completion of your workout. 

Tip 4: Get a coach to ease those nerves 

Similarly to tip 3, having a coach can help you not only understand your body and its gym requirements but also help you ease nerves about going to the gym. It can be challenging to motivate yourself regularly while in the gym. By using a coach either online or in person, you eliminate the chance of feeling demotivated. This is because you will always find yourself in the position of having someone to discuss your objectives and progress with. 
At Isle Health, we can speed up the progress of your gym lifestyle by offering regular coaching. We currently operate in Guernsey and the Cheltenham area, coaching many of our clients online. If this is something that is of interest to you, visit the contact us section of the page to learn more. 

Tip 5: Speak to people 

It can be awkward in the gym. Asking people to spot you and waiting for a machine in a busy gym can lead to some awkward interactions. However, these are great opportunities to make friends at the gym. Start with simple questions about their workout, their gym goals and what they do in their daily life. By interacting with others at the gym you not only make yourself feel more comfortable but get the health benefits that are included with being sociable. It’s a win-win. 
If you would like to discuss how you can maximise your gym experience and understand your own body and its experience, please get in touch via email or book in a free consultation today. 
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