What is Nutrition Therapy? 

Do you... 
Suffer with digestive complaints? 
Feel unhappy with your weight? 
Put up with allergies? 
Endure regular cravings? 
Have rollercoaster mood swings? 
Feel conscious of your skin health? 
Experience brain fog? 
Feel fatigued and tired? 
Nutrition Therapy combines a functional medicine model and evidenced-based practice to assess the root cause of symptoms like these, and then create personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions to support your health concerns and get you back to feeling happy and healthy. 
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Introducing Chloe Adam - Isle Health's Nutrition Therapy specialist 

"Hello! I have always had an interest in health, ranging from mental health to physical health and believe they are equally important to living a happy and healthy life. 
I studied Psychology at the University of Sussex and developed a passion for wanting to help other people be the best they could be. Once I had returned to Guernsey after completing my degree, I became more interested in the role of nutrition and lifestyle management in both health and wellbeing. I then began researching the Functional Medicine Model, which takes into account the person as a whole and aims to identify the root causes of the symptoms you may be experiencing and address them through diet and lifestyle. 
I then went on to study Personalised Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy through the College of Nutrition and Education Management, associated with Middlesex University. This combined the Functional Medicine Model, Personalised Nutrition and Evidence-based research. No individual is the same - everyone has a different health history, lifestyle, diet, and perception of the world. 
Therefore, a personalised and evidence-based approach, utilising the functional medicine model, is vital to achieving health and wellness. 
I am a registered nutritional therapist with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and governed by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which means I am qualified to a high level and use evidence-based research in practice. 
Our goal is to support individuals with their health concerns and to provide you with the tools to help you reach your own health goals, and ultimately strive for optimum health. 
I hope to see you in the future to support you on your own journey to a happy, healthy, you!" 

Happy Hormones Package 

Reclaim your vitality the natural way! 
What's included? 
12-week supportive programme 
Weekly exercise plans with Isle Health, comprising 2 workouts per week, resistance band focus & app for accountability 
4 nutrition sessions with Chloe Adam Nutrition, comprising nutrition education, food diary reviews & upgrades to nutritionally balance your hormones 
Feel better, balance your hormones, improve your quality of life! 
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Nutrition Therapy Packages  

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