In partnership with The Nelson Trust, we're delighted to bring you Exercise Bingo! 

We're looking to support everyone to move more, and if you haven't already, please sign up to the Nelson Trust's "1k Your Way in May" Challenge. 
At Isle Health, we're ready to turn your workouts into a fun and interactive experience with our version of Exercise Bingo! Whether you're at the office, park or at home, we've got the perfect set of exercises for you! 
How it works: 
1) Choose your location : Select where you'll be exercising from our options below - Office, Park or Home. 
2) Select Your Exercises : Pick 4 exercises from a variety of exercises tailored to your location. Mix and match to create your perfect workout routine. Aim for a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line and choose a different row next time! 
3) Get Moving : Complete the exercises in an interval fashion, marking them off on your 'bingo card' as you go. 
Choose your level: 
Beginner : complete 30 seconds of exercise with 30 seconds of rest and repeat 3 times in a row. 
Intermediate : complete 45 seconds of exercise with 15 seconds of rest and repeat 3 times in a row. 
Advanced : complete 1 minute of exercise with no rest and repeat 3 times in a row. 
(for extra satisfaction or to over-achieve, complete more than 3 rounds... we'll let you choose the figure!) 
4) Now the BINGO part : Achieve a line, column or diagonal of completed exercises, and celebrate your fitness victory! 
Exercise Bingo is a great way to stay motivated, challenge yourself, and have fun while getting fit. Whether you're a beginner, a fitness enthusiast or exercising as a family, our bingo game offers something free and simple for everyone! 
So what are you waiting for?! Download your BINGO card and self-select your row, line or a full house of exercises in a lighthearted way to get moving more!  
Let's start exercising and turn your workout routine into a game! 

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