What is Personal Training? 

Are you searching for health improvements? In that case, you've landed in the best hands, and let us tell you why... 
Our personal trainers boast only the best results, from weight management, improved well-being or achieving performance-related goals, we've done it, we do it, and we do it well. 
At Isle Health we stand out from the crowd for one simple reason: we are not just personal trainers. We're specialists in using exercise as a prescription to improve health and well-being. 
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Proven Track Record of Success 

We've helped hundreds of clients achieve remarkable results, from achieving weight loss (or weight gain), improving resting heart rate and feeling generally healthier and fitter, through to enhancing their mental well-being.  
Our personalised approach using evidence-based methodologies makes all the difference in helping you reach your fitness milestones. 

Personalised Consultations, Tailored Plans 

Your journey with us begins with a personalised consultation, either online or in person (we can work with you literally wherever you are in the world). 
During your initial meeting, we take the time to understand your unique goals, lifestyle factors and any health considerations. This allows us to create a bespoke plan specifically tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum success.  
We get it, Personal Training is a personal thing, so we want to make sure you feel like our coach is right for you. Once you decide to go ahead, you've got a new best friend that'll help you to achieve your goals. 

Qualified to help people with medical conditions 

Our coaching team are all qualified to exercise medically unwell population groups. This means we understand the unique needs and considerations of clients with various health conditions. We're trained to design safe and effective exercise programs tailored to really quite bespoke needs! 
Let us set the scene here, because this really does set us apart... 
'Barbara'(pseudonym) goes to the GP for a review of her medication(s) and her GP tells her she needs to exercise a little bit more to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. 
Barbara goes home and Googles 'I need a personal trainer to help me prevent type 2 diabetes.' 
Well, as Barbara is on medication, she actually needs an Exercise Referral Qualified Coach and not just a Personal Trainer, as a PT is typically not qualified to understand how to work with people on medication. 
Here at Isle Health, we're all qualified in Exercise Referral, so we can help everyone*. So, you've landed here for a reason - you deserve nothing but the very best coaching. 
*This changes again in relationship to Cardiac and Cancer (but don't worry, we've still got you covered)! 

Previous Clients 

In an industry swamped by 'before and after' photos, we pride ourselves on your privacy. Because we work on a number of different health contracts we don't often use 'before and after' photos to sell our results (much to our marketing team's frustrations!), as our client's privacy and respect come first.  
However, we're busy helping many people improve their health as you read this, so head to our google reviews to see what our previous clients have to say about working with us. 
It's really important to know that all of our coaches are continually researching to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our industry, and they are also governed by relevant governing bodies (CIMSPA, BACPR & BASES), so you really do know you're getting the very best! 
We're not content with just being good—we're committed to being the best. By integrating evidence-based practices into our programmes, we deliver nothing but the best for our clients. 
At Isle Health, we're not just personal trainers—we're partners in your journey to better health and well-being. 
Experience and feel the difference with us today. 

Take the first step... Book a no-obligation discovery call today. 

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