Why learn Mindfulness? 

There are lots of reasons people learn mindfulness, many of which overlap with chronic pain.  
These might include stress, anxiety, depression, and problems sleeping. 
Mindfulness can help in many different areas, including: 
Reducing stress and anxiety 
Being less reactive 
Recovering confidence 
Sleeping better 
Managing depression 
Meeting new challenges 
Being more resilient 
Having less pain 
Enhancing creativity 
Gaining more clarity and focus 
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Introducing Alison Bale, BSc - Isle Health's Mindfulness specialist 

"Hello! I teach mindfulness and meditation to individuals and groups. I also train mindfulness teachers.  
All of us face challenges and upheavals. Mindfulness can help us deal more skilfully and proactively with whatever life brings. 
I have practiced meditation for more than 25 years. My own journey came about from recognising the problems of an overthinking mind. A desire to stop the cycle of ruminating about the past, and/or worrying about the future, that takes joy from the present. 
I draw on neuroscience, neuroplasticty, pain science, evolutionary biology, epigenetics and emotional intelligence, and my work is informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy, and traditional philosophy. 
I also draw on my experience as a communication consultant, chiropractor, and a business owner in the UK and India. Founding and growing a therapy business in a foreign country has required integrity, perseverance, dependability and a sense of adventure. 
When I am not working, I run half marathons, practice yoga, love to travel, cook, learn Portuguese, read, study philosophy, stitch, go to the cinema and the theatre. I also enjoy horse riding, snorkelling and walking." 

Mindfulness Teaching Courses  

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