Nutrition for Athletes 

It is now universally understood that nutrition affects health, performance and recovery. 
However, now more than ever, there are many confusing messages, created and shared by unqualified people, that cause a lot of misunderstanding. 
Performance nutrition does not need to be confusing or complicated. 
When you invest in yourself to access support through an experienced and qualified sports nutritionist (SENr), you will be taking the first step to maximise your athletic performance – whether that be as an elite athlete at competition level, or as a passionate, recreational athlete. 
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Isle Health Performance Nutrition 

There are many ways nutrition can impact your performance as an athlete... 

Introducing Ellie Shea, SENr - Sports Nutritionist Lead for Isle Health 

My passion for sports nutrition was ignited during my BSc Sport & Exercise Science course at the University of Gloucestershire, where I then went on to study an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition. 
Since then, I have been supporting clients both on a 121 basis, specialising in female and youth athletes, as well as supporting teams, most notably in my role as assistant nutritionist at Cheltenham Town FC Academy. 
I am also an accredited member of ISAK – The International Society of the Advancement of Kinathropometry (a.k.a. body composition analysis) – and I recently passed the ‘Centre of Integrative Nutrition’ course with distinction, which bridges the gap between the nutritional therapy and sports nutrition worlds. 
As a national league hockey player, recreational runner, and strength & conditioning (S&C) coach, I have experienced at first-hand the ergogenic effect that nutrition can have on performance. 
My personal experience as a youth athlete with minimal nutritional support, is what motivates my desire to help athletes of all ages perform at their absolute best as a result of the individual support I provide – with the athlete’s health and wellbeing at the heart of everything I do. 

Performance Nutrition Services 

To maximise the ergogenic effects of performance nutrition, you must first nourish your body to thrive in everyday life – the same way you don’t start with the cherry on top of the cake! 
This is how we start the process of support with every new client… 
FREE Discovery Call 
15-minute 121 call. 
Discussion of your needs and how we can support you. 
Supporting documents: blank 3-day food diary and pre-consultation questionnaire. 
Initial Consultation 
60-minute 121 consultation. 
Food diary analysis, using Nutritics™. 
‘Everyday Nutrition’ report of recommendations. 
Supporting documents - meal plans, recipe ideas and supplement recommendations. 
Training Nutrition Programme (6 months) 
Monthly support: 45-minute consultation, food diary analysis and a bespoke report of recommendations. These can include: 
Sport-specific advice: How to fuel your training, competitions, and rest days effectively. Personalised hydration strategies, including monitoring hydration status and electrolyte protocols. Individualised supplement recommendations - including daily, training and event-specific. 
Weekly meal plans: Created in SENPRO™, specifically devised to match energy demands, as well as access to recipes via the app. 
Day-to-day support: 24/7 access via WhatsApp to a Sports Nutritionist to answer questions and guide decision making. 
Gender-specific support: Personalised sports nutrition and training recommendations, based around your hormonal cycle and the individual symptoms you may be experiencing. 
Integrative health support: Including monitoring your wellbeing, injury prevention, immunity support, maximising strength training adaptations, gut health and more! 

Take the first step... Book a no-obligation discovery call today. 

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