Our Lunch & Learn Sessions 

Inform your staff on important matters of health over lunch with our Lunch and Learn sessions. 
Delivered in person and online. 
The content of the presentations are tailored to suit the needs of your business, based upon cutting-edge research with engaging educational content, offering a unique opportunity for your team to discover practical insights and implement sustainable habits. 
Say goodbye to sluggish afternoons and hello to a workforce energised with knowledge that translates into lasting well-being. Invest in your team's health, and watch as increased vitality translates into enhanced productivity. 
Unleash the potential of your workforce with our lunch and learn sessions, because a healthy team is a high-performing team. 
Our tailored lunch and learn sessions offer a transformative solution by addressing ways to support your health in the workplace. By fostering a culture of well-being, our sessions empower employees with practical insights, to stress management techniques, strategies and tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and ways to get more active to benefit health status. 
By investing in the health and happiness of your team you not only enhance their overall job satisfaction buy also position your company as an employer of choice. Our engaging presentations serve as a powerful retention tool, demonstrating your commitment to the holistic well-being of your employees, ultimately creating a workplace where individuals thrive both personally and professionally. 
Elevate your company’s retention strategy with our lunch and learn sessions and watch as a healthier and happier workforce becomes your most valuable asset. 
From fostering better posture to incorporating simple yet effective exercises into the workday, our presentations empower your team with practice tools to enhance their overall health and productivity. Elevate your culture by putting staff well-being at the front of your company allowing only the best results to follow. 
Depending on your location these can be delivered in person or online, but with large numbers of employees working in a hybrid fashion - delivering our sessions remotely has worked best enabling us to engage only the largest staff numbers. 

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Get to the Guts of It 

Discover the powerful connection between exercise and gut health, and how it can revolutionise employee well-being in your organisation. Our expertly curated content delves into the fascinating world of the gut microbiome, highlighting its pivotal role in overall health. Learn how targeted nutrition and exercise regimens can positively influence gut microbial diversity, leading to enhanced immune function, mental clarity, and increased productivity. Elevate your corporate wellness program with evidence-based insights, empowering your team to thrive both personally and professionally. 

What's a calorie and why do I count them? 

Unlock the key to sustainable, health-conscious living with our comprehensive guide to calories and energy balance. Gain a clear understanding of what a calorie is and why it matters in maintaining a balanced, energised workforce. Delve into the principles of energy in and energy out, discovering how they impact productivity, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed dietary choices (including resisting the staff room goodies) and foster a culture of vitality within the workplace. 

Actively Supporting Menopause 

Empower your organisation by embracing menopause as a natural phase of life, and discover how physical activity interventions can be a transformative force for both menopausal women and all staff members. Our expert guidance provides a holistic approach to supporting menopausal women in the workplace, promoting overall well-being, productivity, and a vibrant company culture. By fostering an inclusive environment that values the health and vitality of all employees, you'll unlock the full potential of your team. 

Desk Based Behaviour & why we should change it! 

Uncover the hidden costs of sedentary behavior in the workplace and embrace a proactive approach to employee health and well-being. Our comprehensive guide sheds light on the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting and offers actionable solutions through targeted physical activity interventions. By prioritising movement and vitality, you'll unleash a more engaged, productive, and vibrant workforce, setting your organisation on a path to sustained success both financially and in relation to employee wellbeing. 

Exercise, Physical Activity & Movement, aren't they the same thing? 

Dive into the dynamic world of physical activity, movement, and exercise, and unlock their distinct benefits for overall well-being. Our comprehensive guide clarifies the differences between these elements, empowering individuals to make informed choices for a healthier, more vibrant life. Learn how to seamlessly integrate movement into daily routines, reaping the rewards of enhanced energy, mental clarity, and a renewed sense of vitality. 

What is Physical Activity & Why should I do more of it? 

Discover the transformative power of physical activity for desk-based employees. Our presentation unpacks the compelling reasons why incorporating movement into the workday is essential for employee health, productivity, and overall well-being. Learn how simple, targeted exercises can counteract the sedentary nature of desk-based jobs, fostering a culture of vitality and engagement within your organisation. 

Supporting Cardiac Health at Work 

Unlock the key to a healthier, more productive workforce by prioritising cardiac health. Our presentation underscores the critical role of heart health in overall well-being and outlines why employers should invest in supporting it. By implementing targeted initiatives, you can reduce absenteeism, enhance employee morale, and foster a culture of well-being that propels your organisation to greater heights. 

Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace 

What is mindfulness and how can it benefit you in the workplace? The science of mindfulness combined with some practical exercises and discussion. Topics covered may include the automatic pilot, and how poor emotional regulation can negatively impact focus, creativity and decision making. The session can include take-aways, such as guided meditations, for attendees to use to support themselves and to share with colleagues. 

Mindfulness for Managing Stress 

High levels of stress can be all too common in the workplace, leading to anxiety and burn out. Mindfulness skills can be used to cultivate attention and regulate emotion, reducing stress and fostering wellbeing. The workshop will cover the science of stress and some practical tools for reducing overwhelm and enhancing resilience. 

Mindfulness for Employee Wellbeing 

A third of employees say they'd like some mental health support at work. Being an organisation that provides this can mark you out as an employer of choice. And you benefit, too - research shows that companies which invest in employee wellbeing see a return of £5 on average, for every £1 invested. Mindfulness is a powerful practice to boost confidence and resilience, reduce stress, and enhance teamwork and productivity. This workshop will be interactive, and blend science and practical tools everyone can use. 

Mindfulness for Effective Communication 

The neuroscience of how we communicate and why we do not always see or hear what is really there. What this means for teamwork, leadership, creativity and productivity. How to manage your own mind and emotions, to communicate clearly and effectively with different people. A mix of science and practical skills you can implement straight away. 

Mindfulness & Menopause 

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace. All women will transition through peri- and menopause and while some may notice few symptoms, others can find the experience debilitating. Having skills to manage the mental impact (stress, depression, anger, brain fog) and think clearly about managing the physical can be crucial in allowing women to leverage the creativity, resilience, courage and change this time of life also presents. The workshop will focus on the science of the nervous system and hormones, how mindfulness can help, and will include practical skills and tips women can use in daily life. 

Mindfulness for Leaders 

Good thinking is skilled work. We do not arrive in the world naturally able to think clearly or logically. We have to cultivate it. This practical workshop will share the science of how we think, and how being aware and responsive, rather than overwhelmed and reactive, can improve your own and your team's performance. Among the benefits are improved communication and resilience, increased productivity, and overall workplace wellbeing. The workshop will be interactive and include practical skills, immediately applicable in daily life. 

Effective time management for increased productivity and reduced stress 

Discover powerful techniques to boost productivity and reduce stress in the workplace. This session will guide your team on how to prioritise tasks effectively, set achievable goals, and optimise their daily work schedule. Participants will discover how to move from cluttered agendas to a newfound sense of calm and achievement. This is ideal for teams looking to achieve more in less time, whilst reducing stress! 

Building emotional resilience in the workplace 

In the fast-paced corporate world, resilience is crucial to thriving under pressure. Participants will gain insights into how to create a robust mindset, capable of withstanding any challenge. They will leave with tools to navigate setbacks, reduce negative thoughts and adapt to change. This session is perfect for those looking to build a resistant and forward focused team 

Navigating career growth and personal development 

Discover the keys to unlocking your true potential with 'Navigating career growth and personal development'. This session is designed to guide professionals on their personal development journey. Participants will gain practical strategies for skill enhancement, goal setting and self-belief. This is perfect for professionals eager to excel in their career. 

Stress reduction techniques for professionals 

This session will aim to tackle the silent epidemic of the modern workplace: stress. Your team will learn strategies to manage and reduce stress levels to improve mental health. From mindfulness exercises, boundary setting, to lifestyle adjustments, this session will help participants enhance work-life balance and create a calmer mind. This is ideal for teams and individuals looking to replace burnout with clear-headed action. 

Fostering positive relationships in the workplace 

Transform your workplace culture by diving into the skills necessary to create and sustain positive professional relationships. This session covers effective communication, conflict resolution, and collaborative techniques that are essential in a healthy workplace. Perfect for enhancing team dynamics and boosting overall workplace morale. 

Support Your Workforce 

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