Yes, we know. That may be the strangest question to ask at the start of a health blog. Today, we are going to tell you why exercising in the cold can lead to huge long term health benefits. 
Firstly, the cold weather will send many exercisers into hibernation. This shouldn’t be the case as our bodies are built to effectively exercise in the cold weather. Furthermore, the advantage of having the mentality to exercise in harsher conditions is that when the summer begins and all of your friends get out exercising you will be two steps ahead of them. This head start will allow you to push your physical fitness to its peak in time for the summer holidays. That means that you can indulge in whatever you would like: cocktails, burgers and anything else you want! 
So how can I help myself stay motivated to continue exercising in the cold, we hear you ask! 
Firstly, think about planning your exercise before leaving your house. Have a scroll through the weather forecast. Have an understanding of the exercise that you will be completing and dress appropriately. This will help prepare your mindset to understand exactly what you are doing and will ease any negative thoughts you have on the workout. 
Next, have a chat with any friends that you normally exercise with. Can you organise your exercise plans to align with each other? Can you have a group competition to help motivate others through the cold weather. 
From a health point of view, if you suffer from any medical conditions that will be amplified by the cold weather, consult with your doctor before making any exercise plans. Conditions such as: asthma, heart conditions and Raynaud’s disease can become irritated by exercise in the cold weather, therefore the correct measures should be taken in order to make exercise safe. 
If you are struggling for ideas on how to get your body moving this chilly spring, why not have a free consultation with a member of the team. Here at Isle Health we can assess your needs and create an exercise plan that’s right for you, to help you improve and maintain peak health during the spring. 
Get a free consultation with Megan! 
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