For businesses who care about their staff 

We offer Community Sponsorship Programmes, the implementation of ‘Smart Work & Life‘, and our Corporate Wellbeing Programmes provide your company with a chance to invest in the vital area of health. 
Benefits of our corporate wellbeing programmes include: 
Reduced stress for you and your staff 
Increased productivity at work 
Team building 
Happy employees 
Being perceived as a responsible employer 

Brief Overview of our Corporate Wellbeing Programme 

We run our Corporate Wellbeing Programmes in partnership with the NHS.  
If you have desk-based employees, this programme is ideal for you! It is aimed at employers who are looking to improve the health of their staff during the working day, in order to best support them to feel better, but also do more for the company they are working for. 
There is a 12-week minimum commitment and a number of benefits to participating in our programme. These include (but are not limited to): 
87% of staff felt more energised as a result of taking part. 
50% of staff reported less lower mechanical back, neck and shoulder pain. 
66% of staff reported feeling more productive 
33% of staff reported feeling less stressed. 

Reduction in stress and improved health status = increased productivity at work 

Getting your employees active is not only going to support a reduction in their stress levels and increase their productivity levels. 
Employees that feel valued and cared for do more for their employers. 
So, why not show them that you value their health by booking a tailored approach to exercise with Isle Health. 
We can discuss the needs of your workplace and what this looks like for your people and your organisation, whatever its size. 

12-week Programme 

Initial consultation to plan a tailored programme for your workplace. 
The package includes a combination of: 
Weekly focus points 
Movement challenges 
In-person & email support 

What’s included in the Course? 

We offer a number of different packages depending on the need of each workplace because we understand that no two workplaces are the same. 
We offer a number of different packages depending on the needs of each workplace, because we understand that no two workplaces are the same. 
Corporate collaborations with Isle Health typically include an initial consultation with the senior leaders of the firm, baseline assessments of physical activity levels via a questionnaire, healthy workplace recommendations, weekly goals and challenges. 
As our corporate wellbeing programme is partnered with the NHS (Leicester Diabetes Centre) we are excited to be collating data in partnership with the NHS to ensure we are really helping the community and nation improve their health. 
If you are a forward thinking, employee first and desk-based company, we'd like to work with you. 
Contact us for a personalised collaboration proposal, to show your staff you put them first. 
Limited spaces available (Ts&Cs apply). 

The Outcome 

Happy & Healthy Employees + Supportive Employers = Better Business Outcomes! 

Take the first step... Book a no-obligation discovery call today. 

Arrange a call with our principal coach, Megan Seward, to discuss how your staff might benefit from including an exercise and fitness programme within the overall wellbeing package that you offer in order to improve their quality of life! 
If you’re unsure which services would be best for you, but you know you need to do something – clarify your thoughts with Meg in an informal chat and click below to schedule your call. 
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