Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years and it’s easy to understand why. In this blog we have recruited the help of our friends at All About Yoga to explain the benefits of incorporating yoga into your routine. 
Megan (not to be confused with our Megan!) from All About Yoga had the following to say when we asked her to summarise her thoughts on yoga: 
‘The National Institute of Health has published a database of studies which support that yoga offers the below benefits. Whilst the published research is still fairly young, yoga practitioners and instructors have been speaking about these benefits for thousands of years through their experience of them. It cannot be denied that yoga is beneficial for our overall health.’ 
Physical benefits of Yoga include: 
Improved flexibility 
May reduce biochemical markers of inflammation 
Increases strength 
May boost your immunity 
Improves balance 
May improve cardiovascular functioning 
May improve bone health 
May improve posture and body awareness 
Introducing yoga into your life can help you improve areas of your physical health where other forms of exercise may struggle. 
It is not just important to use yoga to improve physical health, studies have also found that it can have a significant impact on mental wellbeing.  
It is important to practice yoga in a comfortable environment. This can be helped by joining a yoga class or if you are not comfortable with lots of people, learning online. 
Mental benefits of Yoga include: 
Improved sleep 
Improvement of mental health 
Reducing anxiety and nervousness 
Relieving stress 
Yoga can also impact the way that you socialise and allow you to form friendships through classes. 
Ultimately, if you are looking to join a physical exercise class that benefits both the mind and body, yoga is for you. 
A big thank you to All About Yoga for their contribution to this blog. You can find their website and social media below: 
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