Are you one of those people who might be keen to enter 1K Your Way in May but are thinking ‘hmmm…there’s not enough time in the day to get that extra one kilometre done’? Well, isn’t it lucky that it is now a bank holiday weekend meaning you have that little bit extra time in your schedule to both have a lie in and to fit in a cheeky little trot - self-care from both ends. 
Hopefully we didn’t need to tell you that it is a longer weekend as the weather has also cottoned on to the fact that everyone gets an additional day off the working week with the sun well and truly getting its hat on. In this instance, let’s all get our hats on and complete that 1k today! 
In fact, let’s go one step further and challenge ourselves to complete the daily 1k this weekend in a different way as opposed to walking…say a 1k cycle, a kilometre’s swim in your local pool or even the sea (couples as an ice bath which has proven health benefits in its own right) or maybe a 1k pogo stick jaunt. Challenge yourself! 
While we encourage you to try a different method this weekend to keep the challenge interesting and fun - it does not have to be outrageously crazy, even chucking a couple strides of skipping every 50 metres in your walk can spice up your adventure; literally keeping you and the other challengers on their toes. 
So let’s get creative this bank holiday weekend - chartered psychologist and author of The Science of Boredom, Dr Sandi Mann, supported the benefits of getting out and being active: “It’s an activity that gives you downtime – taking yourself out from the fray with nothing much to do but let your mind wander. And mind wandering and daydreaming are really key to coping with boredom. They’re really good for creativity…which is about seeking more interesting ways to do things and getting stimulation in our lives.” Share with us how you get on! 
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