To kick off ‘1K Your Way in May’, we challenge you to do something so simple but so effective… Next time you go into the office or plan a meeting with a colleague, instead of asking how many sugars they want in their tea or what book is sat behind them on a Teams call, ask them how they are doing and have a good ol’ natter during a brisk one kilometre walk. 
Since the pandemic, levels of loneliness have increased significantly seeing almost half of the adult UK population report often feeling lonely in 2022 with 3.83 million experiencing chronic loneliness, according to Campaign to End Loneliness. To put it into perspective, the latter figure equates to filling Wembley Stadium 42 and a half times… 
While some would question how one could feel lonely when we are surrounded by so many people each day be it in work or online, loneliness does not always mean you are alone but instead could be the feeling of the absence of meaningful relationships or a decreased quality of social connections. 
In terms of our 1K Your Way in May challenge, Harvard Health suggested that walking with a colleague or friend serves as a form of socialising which in turn helps to stave off isolation and loneliness and subsequent illnesses associated with them including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or depression. 
Therefore, not only could you increase your health by moving that one extra kilometre a day but you can also support your colleagues with any lingering sense of loneliness, tackle corporate wellbeing and maybe even connect on a deeper level with your desk mates - make that 1K equals R U OK?! 
Make sure to register for the challenge for just £15 and tag us in any ‘hot colleague walks’ you take - the corporate version to Hot Girl (or Guy) Walks. 
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