Three may be the magic number according to mathematicians and Greek philosophers, however many people discuss 10,000 being the true magical milestone to hit in relation to how many steps you need to take each day to create results. Despite a new BBC study on 226,000 people worldwide uncovering that fewer than 5,000 steps may still produce results, we like to see you push yourselves to become the best you and complete whatever step count you set! 
Whether it be a higher or lower count, it is important to emphasise that to target and build upon your best possible well-being, you need to couple up your step goal with some form of moderate intensity exercise to challenge your cardiovascular system…and what better way to do that than using your 1k a day in May?! 
Cardio can be classed as any vigorous activity to increase your heart rate and respiration thus raising your oxygen and blood flow, “while using large muscle groups of the body repetitively and rhythmically,” so whether you choose to undertake today’s one kilometre by running, cycling, power walking or dancing, any exercise combined with your step goal will work wonders to your health and fitness. 
Look at Captain America, he is a great superhero (leave discussion in the comments) but he is that much stronger when joining forces with The Avengers…goes for the same as your step count and cardio exercise. This analogy can even apply if you team up with others to complete your cardio by doing a group workout or walking with a friend/colleague as it can transform both your physical and mental well-being. 
Therefore, Avengers Assemble for your 1k a day in May! 
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