When you picture a roast dinner, what are the essentials? Crispy, golden roast potatoes? A Yorkshire Pudding filled to the brim with gravy? Juicy and tasty slices of meat or nut loaf…? And what would you say if the cherry on top for your Sunday roast is a one kilometre skip or strut to bookend the mouth-watering meal? Yay or nay…we think the former and we will tell you why! 
Even though it is Sunday and you will be looking to reset before the working week begins, relax with family and friends as well as prep for your evening BBQ or roast, we urge not only those who are partaking in the 1K a Day Your Way in May challenge but also everyone seeing this post to keep on plodding, all in the name of your wellbeing. 
Speaking to Vogue, Dr Heather Viola, DO and primary care physician for Mount Sinai Doctors-Ansonia, suggested that there are “five primary health benefits” to strolling around one kilometre or for 10-15 minutes particularly after eating. These include improved digestion, reducing the risk of heart disease, regulating blood glucose levels, healthy weight loss (by building appetite regulation) and ultimately better sleep patterns - goodbye food coma, hello sleeping beauties! 
These five benefits plus the beautiful Spring weather that is finally blooming equal the perfect end to your week, even moreso if you combine your family and friend catch ups with a walk around the block. If you are really not feeling it, may we suggest making today’s 1km a walk before building up to a swim, cycle or dance for the week ahead? Small but meaningful steps! 
Tag us in your pictures from today and please feel free to chuck in a roast dinner photo too! 
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