Although The Police’s lyrics “Every step you take, every move you make…” lend themselves to Sting following his heart and thinking about a past lover, we encourage you to count your steps up to one kilometre extra a day, as part of our 1K Your Way in May scheme, and focus on how this can improve your own heart and cardiovascular health. 
Heart-pumping exercises including swimming, cycling, dancing or indeed intensive house work (goodbye cobwebs) are often connected to increasing your cardiovascular health, but as May is Walking Month, did you know a daily brisk walk is sufficient enough to increase your heart rate, improve blood flow and lower blood pressure - all crucial aspects in protecting oneself against cardiovascular diseases? 
And that’s not all… As well as improving cardiovascular health, walking can be a preferred method of exercise as it offers a lower impact alternative to the above workouts meaning you are not exerting excess strain on joints such as your knees, hips or ankles (knees, head, shoulders, knees and toes) all while achieving similar benefits in reducing the risk of a high cholesterol or diabetes, proven by studies across the pond. 
Now don’t go thinking you have to walk as far as a marathon or embrace Usain Bolt pace to be able to see results, as you only need to walk one kilometre 3mph faster than your normal pace to see ‘hearty’ results. 
So, considering the average person can walk one kilometre in 10-12 minutes, let’s get inspired by Sting, put ‘Every Breath You Take’ on repeat three times and before you know it, that ‘little thing you’ve done is magic’ for your cardiovascular and heart health. Share your results with us online! 
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