If you look hard enough, you can find quotes, slogans and hidden clues everywhere emphasising how important and impactful the little concepts are; for example, national supermarket chain Lidl’s slogan “Every Lidl helps”, the age old story of how David beat Goliath or if you find change in a pair of jeans you have not worn in a while that can go towards your daily coffee…it is the power of small. 
This idea was captured by Aisling and Trish Leonard-Curtin in their book, “The Power of Small: How to Make Tiny But Powerful Changes When Everything Feels Too Much,” where they analysed clinical case studies and psychological research combined with their own personal accounts to show how crucial teeny tiny changes were in improving their physical and mental wellbeing. 
Now, you may be asking, ‘what does this have to do with 1K Your Way in May?’ and I will tell you…one kilometre may not seem like a long way to go, especially if you have someone to join you for a catch up or you are running/jogging, however doing this extra 1km a day feeds into a much bigger solution whereby you are building up your tolerance and fitness levels, which is ideally something we want to maintain to create peak wellbeing. 
That ‘small’ one kilometre a day not only increases your cardiovascular health (see our previous post), burns calories and boosts your serotonin but is an essential building block for the future for you to build on whether it be a longer run, climbing a mountain or completing a Hyrox competition. It is all about the journey and not the destination, so ticking off an extra 1k a day can be your small but essential starting line. 
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